Opening Date: 28th April 2017
Venue: Kuona Art Gallery
Time: 6:00pm
Exhibition Dates: 29th April – 12th May 2017


Presence of warfare leaves behind trails. Trails of destruction and despair, as well as those of prosperity. Aftermath and Aftermath examines these conflicting outcomes and the greys of psychological and emotional war, in line with an individual’s path to self-discovery. This is an aspect that weighs in heavily on an individual’s way of life.

The exploration of warfare’s aftermath done through observing individuals’ psychological and emotional trails, as well as their introspection to clearly bring out the effects of the conflict. Be it internal or with other people. This has brought out a sense of mental and emotional confinement as a point of interest. Since an individual’s direction of self-discovery comes with choices. Things to be left behind, things to be picked up. The conflict arises and turmoil unravels thus the aftermath. A grey area that one feels progression from is needed.

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