Kuona Trust Residency_Amon Mburugu

Our current  artist in residence is Amon Ndunguru from the Nafasi Art Space in Tanzania.

His style is abstract with rhythmic lines of forms and patterns as well as cartoon images fussed together.He has been working as a graphic designer for Alama Art and media Production for three years and is currently on the last week of his 3 week residency at Kuona Trust.

This is what he had to say about himself :

What motivated you to be an artist?

My Father, Phillip Ndunguru was an artist and so is my uncle, Paul Ndunguru who taught me art from a very young age. It came naturally for me become an artist since I had the gift

What other discipline would you like to learn in future?

I would very much like to learn how to use glass as a form of art work and a bit of sculpturing.

How would you describe the Kenyan art scene?

I can say that it is pretty developed compared to the art scene in Tanzania. I also admire the cohesion among the artist and the fact that there are several art spaces and galleries where the artists can exhibit their work and learn from each other. I wish there was more of that in Tanzania

What other hobbies do you pursue?

I am an RnB singer and I also play the guitar once in a while.

What has fascinated you the most about Kenya?

I would say the transport system because you guys are pretty organized compared to back home

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