Kuona Trust, Centre for Visual Arts

Opening | 24-March-2017 | 6:00 PM

Kuona Trust, Centre for Visual Arts

Likoni Lane, off Dennis Pritt Road, Kilimani


“Ndoka ethye kana ka yoa

“Do not feed a child of hunger”

It was held that feeding Kana ka yoa (children of hunger) would spread the famine on. In a family of 10, only my Great grandmother, Munanie and her brother survived Zaa ya ngomanisye(a famine in the 1890s). Only left with one choice they started wandering about finding anything to keep them alive. Eventually Munanie was invited by a child of her age into a family she came by. She was placed in a room overnight, given food but could not eat because she knew they were trying to know if she was Kana ka Yoa. Few days after she moved to a nearby village where Christian missionaries lived, they welcomed and provided for everyone outside the beliefs, taboos or the socially constructed notions of the Kamba people. 

In this work, I look at the behaviors around human thinking. More specifically considering the familiar spaces that are created when traditional or religious beliefs, narrations or fashions are consumed unquestionably as given within a particular culture or time. I am investigating these frameworks in my lineage in comparison to what is happening in my environment today. I observe that even in the face of political, economic, industrial and technological advancements, it is likely to find patterns that repeat in the course of time and that the more time lapses the more we remain the same. The box manifests otherwise, it changes form and size.

The Changing Room, is designated as a place to consider the possibilities of formulating an integrated framework of thinking that involves self-engagement, reflective thinking, building understanding and collecting information.

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