Enjoy Responsibly_Kuona Trust


A collaborative art exhibition by 6 artists : Maral Bolouri, John Kamicha, Peterson Kamwathi, Ndeithi Kariuki, Thom Ogonga and Anthony Okello

Opening Reception:       Thursday 9th July, 2015, 6pm-8pm

Exhibition Dates:  9th July – 19th July 2015,   9am- 5pm Daily

Venue:  Kuona Trust Art Gallery, Likoni Lane off Denis Pritt Road

Exhibition Concept

Substance abuse is rampant in Kenya especially in urban spaces. This has led to ugly incidents – violence, risky sexual behavior, loss of employment, irresponsibility, tardiness, trouble with the law, accidents etc recurring every often mainly as a result of alcoholism/alcohol/substance abuse. The working populace is caught up in the ‘coolness’ of drinking and as a result are ‘hooked’ but in denial that they are addicts or taking the shortest route to becoming addicts. It is along these lines that ‘Enjoy Responsibly’ has been conceptualized to interrogate alcohol/alcoholism/substance abuse.

In the recent past, the national news has been dominated with cases of substance abuse, death from drinking cheap alcohol, domestic violence as a result of intoxication and sexual violence. Substance abuse has stopped being ‘other peoples problem’ as everyone knows/or is related to someone affected by it. As it takes its toll, Kenyans seem obsessed with what’s perceived as bigger problems – tribal politics, sexual orientation and consumerism.

Prolific artists who have shown concern and accept that there is need to have a ‘sober and honest’ conversation in regard to substance abuse especially within the arts have been selected to create work specifically for this exhibition. These are Maral BOLOURI, John KAMICHA, Peterson KAMWATHI, Ndeithi KARIUKI, Anthony OKELLO and Ogonga THOM

Through a series visual presentations, the artists  have  specifically created  work aimed at interrogating the subject of substance abuse/dependency and addiction. It is a sympathetic approach to an uncomfortable subject in an attempt to understand substance abuse, addiction, its symptoms and the problems that come with it. The exhibition is not intent of creating spectacular work but to raise awareness on the need to ‘enjoy responsibly’ (any) legal intoxicants while carefully navigating the murky waters of contraband/banned substances while addressing the implications and consequences – both health & legal.

Substance abuse is topic that has a lot of significance in that we’re no longer detached from it as it effects on our families, friends, colleagues and people we interact with daily

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