#FullFrontal presents a witty but hard-hitting look into feminism and female gender stereotypes today. It questions the categorization of humanity according to gender roles and expectations.
It opens up a dialogue as to what really is being woman as opposed to being female. Does being female automatically mean that one is woman? #FullFrontal explores how age old and changing stereotypes have distorted our perception of the woman’s place, form and role in the
society’s eyes. More importantly, it explores the nature of woman through the female’s own eyes using a lens of an activated gender stereotype.
The exhibition will feature a series of visual narratives done in mixed media techniques accompanied by a sculptural installation called “Prisons of Belief.” These take the viewer into an intimate journey of enlightnment.
Jessica Atieno is both a fine and graphic artist having graduated with a degree in graphic arts from the Technical University of Kenya. She works in an array of mediums including acrylics, pastels and charcoal to explore themes of feminism, modernity and political justice. Her works
have been exhibited at the Kenya Art fair, Kuona Trust, British High Commission and the Barclays L’atelier Finalists Exhibition. Jessica is currently based at the Kuona Trust Art Center

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