‎Harambee63‬ is the online aspect of a project that maps out the history of revolution in Africa before 1963. It will place Kenya’s independence movement within the global context of freedom from oppression against Black and Colored people. The first part of Harambee63 is an installation at Kuona Trust that blends art and experience with thought and exploration. This installation will answer how Kenya came into being within the period of 50yrs preceding independence.

This experimental installation is mildly interactive and will incorporate gumboots and video in an unusual location.

For the online conversation, follow #Harambee63 on Twitter and on FaceBook, like the page: Harambee63 and remember to visit the blog for stories about African revolutions: http://wambuikamiru.wordpress.com/

The Harambee63 installation opens at Kuona Trust on September 5th  2013.