Jobless Corner Campus_KT

Exhibition Concept

The Jobless Corner campus is an exhibition by artist Kevo Stero that pokes holes into the “business” of NGOs that fully exist for the benefit of its founders rather than the targeted communities. The current donor seeking ‘not-for- profit’ organizations have adopted the term sustainability which they use to mask their actual activities.

The exhibition is set against the backdrop of a ‘fake’ NGO called, Jobless Corner Campus established in Kibera that focuses on global emotional sustainability targeting unemployed youth.

Over a period of 2 months, the artist established the Jobless Corner Campus and took on the challenge of recruiting its first members. They subsequently invited about 6 other legitimate NGOs to an open forum to discuss how they are working towards achieving sustainability. Members of the public were then asked to differentiate between the legitimate and non legitimate organizations and as expected, no one could.

This whole study culminates into a satirical exhibition: Jobless Corner Campus that explores the question of what exactly is sustainability.

About the Artist

Kevin Irungu is a visual artist who has been part of the Maasai Mbili collective since 2004.He started out his career as a street artist creating signage for shops in Kibera before he begun showing in different galleries. Today he works on a blend of signage with a contemporary touch.

He has taken part in several local and international workshops, exhibitions and projects.

His most recent exhibitions include, Chokora Wear at the Goethe Institut, Nairobi  and Nyumba Kumi at Kuona Trust

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