About : Kenya Art Fair 2015

The Kenya Art Fair is back! And with less than 3 months to go, preparations are well underway. The submission call already out to artists has seen a trickling in of phenomenal artwork set to grace the stage this year.

To further inspire and stimulate our visitors, this year’s edition will push the possibilities between technology and visual arts and will include a Digital art competition in partnership with the I-hub.

The fair will run from Friday 13th November to Sunday 15th November 2015 at the Sarit Centre’s exhibition hall in Nairobi.

The three day event will feature:



The Wasanii exhibition is a groundbreaking collaboration which will feature rarely seen masterworks of over 200 paintings, original prints, photographs and sculptures by both established and upcoming artists from around the region including Uganda, Zanzibar, Sudan, Ghana, Kenya.

The exhibition is a contemporary review and will showcase a wide range of techniques and forms of artistic expression.

This will be a fantastic opportunity for you to get your hands on the artwork you want!



Interactive Art Talks delivered by art professionals, artists, collectors and gallery owners are set to take place throughout the 3 days, allowing you the opportunity to listen, learn, think and interact.

We encourage you to come out and further these 2 hour conversations on all things art.



This competition seeks artists, practitioners and enthusiasts who are impassioned by the intersection of digital technology and creative art; visionaries who might uniquely meld the two into inspiring art forms.

Submissions must qualify for one of the four categories namely: Audio-Visual, Interactive Art, Interactive Hardware Installation and Digital Photography.

Winners in each category will win cash prizes and have their works exhibited at this year’s art fair as well as online.


Our esteemed collaborative partners include Sarit Centre, Text Book Centre, and the iHUB

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