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Installation art brief

 George Waititu, the founder of Tafaria Castle, published a collection of poems titled Soul of Tafaria on 14 February 2016.

It contains six poems, ranging from one written about his early upbringing in the 1970s to one about the completion of the extension to the castle in 2015. We are inviting Kenya-based artists to extend the experience of these verbal narratives by designing and installing sculptural pieces in and around Tafaria Castle so that aspects of these poems can be encountered physically – making the verbal visual.


The six poems are:


  • Mother, you are a needle (a sculpture has been commissioned to Kevin Odour, a former Tafaria cHub artist-in-residence)
  • Once upon a dream
  • I will take another, never
  • The maiden walk
  • Adjournment*
  • Last of the Keep


The installations ought to:


  • Be permanent
  • Be outdoor
  • Complement the architecture of, and fit in with other outdoor furniture at, Tafaria Castle and its surroundings, i.e., have a sense of place
  • Use recycled / repurposed materials as far as is possible
  • Be no smaller than 1 cubic meter and no bigger than 3 cubic meters in dimension
  • Cost no more than Kes 150,000 gross per installation


Other requirements:


It is necessary for interested artists to read the poems, an incentive to buy the book which is available online via eKitabu or physically at Kuona Trust for Kes 1,000. It is also advisable for the artists to visit Tafaria Castle (physically or via the virtual tour at to get a sense of possible installation sites.


Please note that artists can produce more than one installation for each poem as long as, collectively, the pieces have some coherency. It is envisaged that all the work will be installed by the end of 2016 with some specific pieces being installed by certain deadlines – these will be communicated to interested artists depending on the poem(s) they want to tackle.


*The Adjournment installation will be mounted on the Plinth of Honour therefore this piece ought to take account of this specific requirement.


Deadline : 30th April 2016

Please forward all applications to sheila (at)


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