From the word destiny in Farsi comes ‘Sarnevesht’, Maral Bolouri’s first solo exhibition in Kenya.

Provocative ink-works, photocopy transfers, drawings and a short video installation all convey her aversion to the gender discrimination she has observed. Delving in to law and tradition in various cultures, Bolouri explores the effects that religious texts have on the treatment of women, from the unreasonable demands made of them to the inequality in autonomy between the sexes.

Nostalgic of Persian miniature painting, Bolouri’s artwork hints at Persian motifs and architecture. The viewer will observe that each composition contemplates the different ways in which women are projected in their environment and the roles they are obliged to endure. Bolouri exposes the irrationality of certain existing gender norms and the authorities that proliferate such prejudices in our world.

Born in Tehran in 1982, Bolouri grew up with a collection of art books at home. In her last year of high school, she attended private art classes under the mentorship of award-winning graphic Iranian Designer and Illustrator Hafez Miraftabi. In 2001, she enrolled in pre-university at the Soureh School of Fine Art and by 2008, she graduated from the Art University of Tehran. Later she pursed a Master’s program in Malaysia at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, where she completed a research-based course in International Contemporary Art and Design Practice.

Exposing the absurdity of various gender stereotypes that exist in our world, Maral Bolouri’s ‘Sarnevesht’ rouses questions about the way we live our lives; from our bizarre gender socialisation processes to the collective constructs we blindly sustain. Maral Bolouri would like to acknowledge the generous support of (KUONA TRUST CENTER FOR VISUAL ARTS IN KENYA and HEINRICH-BÖLL-STIFTUNG East & Horn of Africa), who sponsonsored Sarnevesht. We would like to invite you to the opening at Kuona Trust Arts Centre, Kilmani, on Thursday September 3rd at 6pm.

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