Poster for Wajukuu Exhibition

Opening Date: 25th May 2017

Exhibition Dates: 26th May – 7th June 2017

Venue: Kuona Trust Art Gallery 

Wajukuu Art Project is organising their first exhibition which will showcase the works of a number of artists who have worked in this initiative over the last year. The selection of the art works features a rich collection of the artists’ individual accounts of living and working in Mukuru.

Some of the ideas in this work are an internal exploration of individual identity and others represent the observable human conditions of living in a slum. The artists present the encounters of what it means to put up with conditions that are less comfortable or of a lower quality and at the same time proving that humanity is equal on many levels. They investigate modern perceptions of identity, how one can accept other cultures, new ways of clothing or another language and still be searching for identity. Is there a default or singular identity? 

This includes events or people in the community that pass without much attention. The artists observe the strength it takes to overcome the harsh living conditions, the scars they carry, what it means for people with very diverse past to co-exist and the boundaries that are erected in the process.

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