Cyrus Kabiru currently practices in Nairobi. He is a self taught painter and sculptor. His paintings are often humorous portrayals of contemporary living within Kenya. Kabiru adopts the role of a flâneur, the observer, explorer, and lounger using his paintings as the output for his experiences. His sculptural work embodies his role as a “collector” of Nairobi cast offs. Kabiru fashions and re-fashions these waste, recycled, and found materials into various forms.

Cyrus is currently focused on a series that depicts African nature using thousands of bottle caps sewn together with wire. He is perhaps best known for his C-STUNNERS, an ongoing work that  Cyrus creates artistic bifocals which are functional. The work sets itself between fashion, wearable art, performance, and one of a kind commodity objects. C-STUNNERS have a certain energy and playfulness that really captures the sensibility and attitude of a youth generation in Nairobi. They portray the character of the popular culture bling; they reflect the ingenuity and resourcefulness of people; the lenses provide a new filter giving a fresh perspective onto the world that we live in transforming the wearer not only in appearance but in mind frame as well.


August 2010 – Marker Faire Africa Award for Best artist innovation- thinking outside the box