One Year… Well Almost (A Life without Regrets)

New Years 2012/2013 Lamu – NY Resolutions are never kept but I was determined not to let this one go: “Live without Regrets.”

By the end of 2012 I found myself in a really comfortable space, earning a decent salary, held the title of General Manager and on my way up the corporate ladder. But to be honest I was bored – living my working life on an LCD screen. At this point I had a lot of regrets in my heart that I tried to cover and forget. I had lived my life as I was expected to and found no solace in it.

Though I loved the company I worked for and the people that I worked with, I had a burning hope that this would not what the rest of my life would be. By NYE 2012 I decided to change my life and eliminate all my regrets I had. I was always someone who read a lot about art– secretly hoping that I would one day I would participate and contribute somehow.

I left my job later 2013. I joined Kuona as an artist entirely by chance after meeting Uhuru B. It was in July 2013 when I started working on my exhibit JUA KALI. I wanted to create something that would reflect me and what I saw around me. Inspired by my fellow artists at Kuona Trust, Jua Kali is my reply to and addition to the conversation.

Jua Kali represents the idea of self-creation, that one can decide to completely recreate themselves to fit a self perceived image. An almost Jua Kali way of creating your life.