This is the journey of the artisan into self-creation. Stemming from the informality of curating ones life experiences to generate a perceived self-image.

This exhibition is inspired by the informal sector; that breaths character into Nairobi’s economy. Built from the opportunistic personality and perseverance of the Jua Kali worker. These workers often use recycled or found objects to develop their creations. I wanted to use this element of Nairobi to describe one’s perceived self-image created from the idea of a Jua Kali philosophy.

Each portrait describes a personality that has created a surreal self-image to fit in Nairobi’s Jua Kali world. The images are created to look as if one adorned themselves with found objects, which some how work together to make them superhuman. Almost to think of Jua Kali as a fictitious place where these characters live.

The artist wants the audience to feel like they are in a fantasy, however somewhat familiar.