Exhibition Dates: 15th June to 24th June 2012, 9am to 5pm daily
Venue: Michael Joseph Centre, Safaricom HQ2, Waiyaki Way

The exhibition ‘Equilibrium – A Moment in Solitude’ is a unique reflection of waterscapes through the lens of black & white photography. The movement of water is captured in still images to reveal vivid contract, unique tones and a feeling of space.

Capturing the relationship between water and other elements mirrors the photographer’s relationship to the subject as a means of finding balance. The use of monochrome distills the essence of the photograph to reveal reflections, textures and passage of time that would otherwise be missed.

The images in the exhibition reveal this photographer’s solitary pursuit of subjects from the beaches of the Indian Ocean, lakes in Kenya and France, waterways in Venice to the lochs of Scotland.

Zia is a Kenyan fine art, black and white photographer who has developed a unique style focusing on waterscapes. The otherworldliness of his photos come from using a digital camera mounted on a tripod using long exposures of up to 10 minutes to capture the movement in water and sky.

As a trained analogue photographer he had his own darkroom for many years and has remained true to the art of black & white photography. In 2010 he transited to digital photography, but has remained true to analogue techniques, processing his images on computer but limiting any manipulation to techniques that could be replicated in the darkroom.

Born in Kenya in, Zia believes charity begins at home. Therefore, the primary aim of Zia’s exhibition is to raise funds for two charities- the Friends of Nairobi National Park and Kuona Trust.