Moses Maaramele is a self-taught artist from Gantsi Botswana.

Moses Maaramele is a self – taught artist from Thapong Art centre in Botswana who is currently on a two month residency at Kuona Trust. Moses is a master print maker whose started his art practice in  1994 specializing in painting and print making using lino plastic. His work has been exhibited in several galleries and Museums in Namibia, Botswana, New Mexico and Gaborone.

He has also won several awards, including the Thapong Print making Artist of the year (2012) and the National Art Exhibition Painting category (2009).His current body of work is focused on creating awareness on animal conservation.

He hopes to share his ideas with other Kenyan artists that he will be working with and also experience Kenyan culture.

About his Exhibition: Animal Foot Prints

The exhibition Animal Footprints is a visual documentation of animal adaptation and survival as interpreted by artist Moses Maaramele. The artist, through his upbringing has been in contact with several wild and domesticated animals, studying their behavior and following their tracks (which he refers to as foot prints) within their natural environment.
The body of work makes an attempt to capture these animals and preserve them for future generations who may perhaps not get the opportunity to interact and observe the animals we do today. Due to the steady increase in the world’s population and the hazardous effects of industrialization, wild animals have often found themselves on the receiving end of environmental degradation. Moses’ work captures the way of life of these animals in a colorful, vibrant and amusing way that is almost like a wise man’s tale imparting great awe and wisdom to the listeners.

Each piece carries a story and a legacy that will be preserved for generations to come

Exhibition dates: 23rd – 31st July 2015