For almost two decades the Kuona Trust Programmes department has supported the building and development of a vibrant and stable arts sector in East Africa, providing artists opportunities to work within the Kuona Trust arts community as a way of building up the visual culture of the contemporary East African art scene and forming a basis of reference for international interactions and opportunities in alternative environments.

In February 2012 the role of Programmes was amended and expanded to include a more formal approach to Marketing in a department newly dubbed Programmes & Marketing. The role of this department is to fulfil the roles of small arts organisations and communities as experience has determined the following – small arts organisations such as Kuona Trust:

  • Are significant generators of new ideas and work
  • Attract and engage new and diverse audiences and participants to the arts, including disadvantaged groups
  • Stimulate economic activity
  • Provide significant employment opportunities for artists and arts workers
  • Promote professionalism in the arts, providing training and skills development opportunities
  • Make a significant contribution to cultural export and tourism

Call For Kuona Trust Artist’s Programmes:-

 Applications Now Open

Artists at any point in their career, living anywhere in the world, and working in any medium are welcome to submit an application for various programmes for June 2014 – November 2014. All programmes have an applications deadline March 6th 2014. This call is open to all artists operating in Kenya.

The artists programmes are as listed below:-

  • Six Community Outreach Programmes (Running up to 4-8 Weeks)
  • Three Provincial and Regional Residencies (Running up to 3-4 Weeks)
  • Four Concept Based Exhibitions (Running up to 2 months)
  • Six Artist Technical and Mentoring Workshops (Running up to 4 days)
  • Three Tafaria-Kuona Outreach and Exchange Programmes (Running up to 3-  4 weeks)
  • Two Public Art Programmes (Running up to 3 months)

Curators and Gallery owners are welcome to submit applications to curate a residency where they choose all of the resident artists (up to 3) with a particular show in mind.

Other Organizations are welcome to submit their artists to be a part of our residency.  We are eager to work with other residency programs around the world.

The Application Requirements

All applications must be sent via email and include:

  • Artist CV
  • Artist statement that provides background on your work as a whole.  What inspires you?  What you hope to evoke from your viewers? How your work has grown and changed.
  • Specific project you propose for whichever programme you are applying for.  Please describe whether this is an extension of your current work or something completely new.
  • The month(s) you would prefer.  Please let us know how flexible you are.
  • At least 6 images of your work.
  • Published books and/or press
  • 3 Character references; scanned written letters provided with the application.  We’re looking for both references on your work, as well as, you as a person.
  • Your links to be used on the website if you are chosen.