Calling all artists to submit artwork for the Kenya Art Fair 2014!!!

Dates: 6th– 9th Nov 2014                                                        

 About the Fair.

Kenya Art Fair 2014, is Kenya’s premier art fair in Nairobi, focused on contemporary visual art from the artists in Kenya. The art fair is established to nurture, appreciate and recognize excellence in the contemporary visual arts and represents the only fair of this kind in the region open to the local and international art scene. The organizing team’s mission is to promote emerging and established artists and make contemporary art accessible to all. With all the major stakeholders in the visual arts industry exhibiting, visitors will find everything that an artist would need to survive in this field of work, all under one roof, and also have the opportunity to view, learn and even make purchases. Never before in this region has there been an event of this scale dedicated to visual artists and with the increasing rise in levels of disposable income among Kenyans, coupled with the growing development of the arts as a lucrative profession, stakeholders in the arts industry cannot afford to miss this event.

Theme:  Celebrating 50 years of Kenyan Art   ‘ART@50’

Application for KAF exhibition.

Any artists who would like to participate in the fair exhibition should submit the following:

  • 5 digital JPEG images of artwork you would like to exhibit;(a minimum of 3 images)
  • Size of artwork should not be below or exceed the following measurements.

2D artworks: 50 x 50 cm to 200 x 200 cm

3D artworks: 50 x 50 x 50 cm to 200cm x 200 cm x 200 cm.

  • Artist Biography and Profile.
  • Details of the art piece: Title, Medium, Price and Size

The Wasani Exhibition’- This exhibition is particularly for the young and upcoming artists, giving them a chance to showcase their talent as well as an opportunity to hang their artwork alongside some of the biggest household names in the art industry.

Genres: All genres of the visual arts will be allowed in the exhibition i.e.

Paintings, watercolors, gouaches and drawings, Original sculptures and objects; molds and castings Sculptures, Works of experimental and avant-garde contemporary art, Fine art photography, documentary photography, video and film work, Batik, Print Work, Mixed media, Multiples published in limited or numbered editions (up to an edition number not exceeding 25).

Final works selected must be framed or in a ready to hang condition.

Deadline: Friday 24th October 2014