Phillips is a Nigerian artist who holds a degree in Fine & Applied Arts and a masters in Sculpture from Delta State University.He  has been on a two month residency programme at Kuona trust during which he has taught a sculpting workshop and passed on a wealth of skills and knowledge to our artists.

Phillips Nzekwe is both an ecentric and inspiring personality.From the way he works, one can quickly gather that he is  hard working and passionate about his work. While most sculptors have chosen to work in the primary sculpting media of wood, stone and metal, Phillips has come up with an extraordinary way of developing these life size sculptures form metal, fibre mat,saw dust and gravel among other materials.

Phillips started his creative life as both a painter and sculptor but came to the realization that to become master of his craft he has to choose one or the other. A lot of artists he felt were throwing away African forms in preference for Western ones; his choice was a deliberate decision to focus on what and how his ancestors practised the plastic arts.