Rosemary was born into a family of vibrant talents, which encouraged her to explore  life. When in primary school and in class seven, she  was asked to draw a cabbage cut into half and that’s when she discovered that she could actually draw.

After completing secondary school  she initially took a tailoring course just to satisfy her parents, but still did sketches. After working for some time she decided to do a two year course on Art and Craft. She became interested in tie and dye, bead work and sewing, that’s why deciding to become a full time artist, came naturally and was easy to ease into painting.

Her elder brother was always a source of inspiration as well as historical artists like Paul Reubens, Salvador Dali and many more. Her compositions and paintings are mostly human figures on a cultural setting, but she finds facial features more appealing. Mostly she does portraits, and likes observing the diverse tribes and cultures in Kenya.

She has participated in various joint exhibitions and workshops. Currently she is working on a series on tribes  in Kenya