Mike Kyalo is currently  on a 4 week residency programme at Kuona Trust art Centre courtesy of the Kenya Arts Diary. He talks about his work and a bit of his background history as an artist.

I am a Kenyan born artist based at the GoDown Art Centre .I specialize in painting. My primary  focus is on current issues and my interpretation  of the environment in terms of ideas and color . There is quite a bit of focus on Shadows in some of my paintings ,its intensity differs depending on what I want to achieve.

My source of inspiration is the day to day socio-economic activities affecting the society, especially men and the changes in  weather. With men my interest lies in their body language, their composition and the seriousness they portray while at work.

I have worked in dry pastels, oil , acrylic ,chalk and charcoal on paper, cardboard and canvas.

My work has been exhibited in several group exhibitions at the GoDOWN art centre, Paa ya Paa, Village, Alliance Francaise among others

 In 2012, I won second prize in the “Experiencing Heritage Through Art ” competition organized by the Nairobi National Museum, for the painting ”Utumisishi Kwa Wote” which they later added to the museum’s collection of art work.