‘What is it for’

This exhibition is influenced by two slum areas in Africa; Kalubwe in DRC and Kibera in Kenya. The artist draws parallels between these two areas by noting that they are both squalid overcrowded urban dwellings that face similar struggles.

His intention is to provoke the viewer to question how these slums are managed by asking a series of questions: What is built in these areas? Who decides what is built? And finally, what is it for? He advocates for the democratic management of slums with those who inhabit them having more say in what happens there.

Tresor challenges the passive nature of society when faced with various socio-economic and political problems. Through his art, he hopes to rouse a more proactive approach whereby people see solutions to these problems. Often in democratic societies, leaders are elected by the citizens with the hope that they will elevate their economic status. However, some of the projects undertaken leave one wondering what their key objective is, hence the question ‘what is it for’.

Exhibition dates: 31st July – 8th July