The current resident at Kuona Trust, Masoud Kibwana from the Nafasi Art Space in Tanzania, is very delighted to be in Nairobi.

He works with acrylic on canvas to produce his amazing work. We had a chat with him and here is what he had to say:

How do you Find Nairobi?

I like Nairobi very much, it is not very different from my town Dar though.

How is your residency at Kuona Trust going?

It is going very well. I have learnt a lot from the people i have met especially the artists in the space.

What new item in particular have you learnt while here?

I have been trying out new styles of painting,experimenting and mixing the new styles with mine.

How do you find the Kenyan art scene?

Compared to the Tanzanian one it is different in that the Kenyan art scene has many artists practising diverse styles of art.