One of the two artists currently in residence at Kuona Trust is Mwesiga Ian from 32 degress Art Space in Uganda.

Ian is a recent graduate of Makerere University where he studied painting, anatomy drawing and advertising design. We asked him a few questions just to find out a few things about him:

What style of art would you say you practice?

I practice abstract expressionist style of art.

Compared to the Ugandan art scene how do you find the Kenyan one?

The Kenyan art scene is very active and vibrant. The structures here seem to be working and the artists are very active compared to where I come from.

How do you see your future in the art scene?

I feel my path, vision and objective is clear. I am a driven individual and very enthusiastic to learn more about the art scene in different regions.

What recommendations can you give the Kenyan artists after interacting with a few of them?

They need to open up and get out of their studios, engage more with the society; experiment more on their art. they should not confine themselves to a particular style or media.